Revolution Youth


Purpose Statement

Our purpose is threefold:

  1. To build strong relationships with our Heavenly Father and with our church family;
  2. To be become/be disciples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring other teenagers out of the darkness of this world and into the light of His wonderful love;
  3. To grow and mature the future leaders of The Church.

Cornerstone Verse

Romans 12:21; Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Youth Leaders: Clay & Marika Patterson

The Church Office: 870-580-0732


Youth Leaders: Clay & Marika Patterson

Married - September 18th,1999

Marika was saved at an early age and met Clay while they were in their teens.  After Marika had the privilege of leading Clay to the Lord, they became best of friends, dated 4 years and were married in September of 1999. They have 3 children: Gracie is there oldest, she loves playing the guitar and sings on the worship team.  Brody and Rylee are twins.   Rylee loves cooking, baking and volleyball as well as running.  Brody is an avid football player, video gamer and prayer warrior.  They both work in the children’s ministry with the toddlers and preschoolers.  They all love the Lord and are eager to serve in the Kingdom of God.

They all attended Faith Life Church in Branson, MO for 10 years and several of those years Clay and Marika served in the children’s ministry.  In 2015 they desired to find a church closer to their home with the same foundational beliefs so their family could be more involved and serving.  As they prayed for direction they were very blessed to have found the Church at Mountain Home. 

Clay has worked as a contractor for over 20 years, now owns his own business, Marika after receiving her BS in Accounting, at the age of 35, is currently working in the banking industry.  Before receiving her Accounting degree, she was a full time mother raising her children and caring for her home.  They both love being outdoors-canoeing, kayaking, boating/fishing, cookouts with family/friends, music/movies, and just sitting on the deck drinking coffee.  When Marika has time she also likes to crochet and knit.  Oh, they are Dallas Cowboy, Arkansas Razorback and Mountain Home Bomber fans as well!!!